They are not listening.

Well, from the title, who am I referring to, the Republicans. I expect the Democrats not to listen to me, I'm a Conservative. But the Republicans are not listening. Over a year ago, I wrote to Rence Priebus and explained to him why I would no longer send my money to the RNC. It's simple they are NOT doing what they preach. I offer up, Exhibit A, the Republican Platform. ( ) Case in my point is that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell alone have broken at least half of the items in the platform.

To Vote or Not to Vote.

sign_vote_imageFor my entire life I have voted in local, state and Federal elections. I believe voting for those in charge is a privilege, a right, and one's civil duty. We don't always get the candidate of our choice. There are many opinions as to who will do the best job. But I still vote. My stance has always been if one does not vote they give up their platform for discourse. One must participate to be a player.

Barack Hussein Obama's America

I could spend hours composing this article but I would only be saying the same things as Glenn Beck and many others have said. So to cut to the chase I will offer up a comment from the Facebook page of Glenn Beck.

"Baltimore. shameful.
Martin Luther King is truly dead. So soon will our country be, I fear.

Where is any leadership? The president is silent and Hillary Clinton was on the campaign trail telling those that would listen this weekend that we "need to change deep seated religious beliefs".


Time for a change.

However the problem does not lie with Mother Earth. It lies with her inhabitants. Humans, people have gone astray. I remember a time not so long ago when a persons word was the bond that sealed the deal. I taught my children that their word was all they really had to give someone. It had to be firm and unchangeable no matter what. But no more.

About Me

Conservative leaning Libertarian, I believe the Constitution is and should always be the law of the land, CCW, Capitalist, NRA, aligns with TEA Party, Supports Military/Police, I am a Infidel, I stand with Israel, I am a Husband, Dad and Papa.

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