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They are not listening.

Well, from the title, who am I referring to, the Republicans. I expect the Democrats not to listen to me, I'm a Conservative. But the Republicans are not listening. Over a year ago, I wrote to Rence Priebus and explained to him why I would no longer send my money to the RNC. It's simple they are NOT doing what they preach. I offer up, Exhibit A, the Republican Platform. ( ) Case in my point is that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell alone have broken at least half of the items in the platform. They have also failed in their Oath to the Office they hold to protect and uphold the Constitution of the USA.

So this AM I get a call from an RNC telemarketer. He wants money. So I, AGAIN, explain my position to him just as I did to Rence. When the RNC does what they need to do to follow the Constitution and their own platform I would get back on board. But until then, as I explained to the nice gentleman on the other end of the line, I will send my money to Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Scott Walker. Those that are more Conservative than they are Republican. I am even considering a small donation to Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson. Now the nice man says he understands my anxiety and he would like to send me a gift letter for the small donation of $25. This is where I lost it. I said to him he needed to stop reading the damn script and listen to me because the last statement proved to me "he wasn't listening". At this point he hung up on me. How rude is that? Although I totally understand why he did hang up. His job is to get money and not listen to the disgruntled troops. All is good.

For a moment let's go back to 2008. The RNC establishment felt the need to put John McCain up as THE candidate to run against Obama. However, John has proven himself a Progressive on many occasion. Sarah Palin was a good choice as the VP running mate as everyone was aware of her Conservative bent. She should have been the Presidental candidate. I digress, so Conservatives stay home and not vote and the country gets Barack "fundamentally transform America" Obama. In 2010 the Conservative come out in droves and take the House giving the Republicans a majority. Apparently the RNC paid no attention to this major win. Fast forward to 2012, the establishment Republicans, in a blindingly stupid move, put up a very moderate Mitt Romney. Mr. Romney is a very nice person but he is just barely right of center. This is not what the country needed at that time. Yet again because of the major lack of backbone on the part of the RNC to follow their own platform Obama is elected yet again. This level of incompetence gets boring. So in 2014 the Conservatives speak loudly again and deliver the Senate into the hands of the Republicans and give the House a majority not seen in about 40 years or more.

The sad part is with John Boehner as the Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell as the Senate Majority Leader why does the country even need Democrats. These two men has done more to assist Obama in his lawlessness than any single Democrat with the possible exceptions of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Ok back to my telemarketer. He, reading from a script, wants me to send money to the RNC. However, looking at the polls any money that I or anyone else would forward to the RNC would go to the poll position of the likes of Jeb Bush -- a moderate (or heir apparent) which in my opinion sits to the left of center.

My conclusion send money, if you choose, to whomever you wish. However, if you wish to have the country back in the vision of the Founders then squeeze out the RNC and send your money to the candidate of YOUR choice and not the choice of establishment Republicans.

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