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Time for a change.

However the problem does not lie with Mother Earth. It lies with her inhabitants. Humans, people have gone astray. I remember a time not so long ago when a persons word was the bond that sealed the deal. I taught my children that their word was all they really had to give someone. It had to be firm and unchangeable no matter what. But no more.

Politicians are in a constant state of "misspeaking", "I was taken out of context", That is not what I meant" or, my favorite, "evolving". Why? Simply, honesty and integrity are outdated traits. Politicians, for the most part, do not work for the people; they work for themselves. Not all of them are in this category but I would say most. It seems to me that your representative must be all things to all people. It is about the vote and no longer about doing the right thing for the position they were elected to hold. No longer do politicians tell people exactly their views.

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