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To Vote or Not to Vote.

sign_vote_imageFor my entire life I have voted in local, state and Federal elections. I believe voting for those in charge is a privilege, a right, and one's civil duty. We don't always get the candidate of our choice. There are many opinions as to who will do the best job. But I still vote. My stance has always been if one does not vote they give up their platform for discourse. One must participate to be a player. How can I voice my opinion of a particular candidate if I didn't vote for him or his opponent? Even if that vote turned out to be the lesser of evils.

Voting is also a choice. That is as it should be in the Republic of America. However, with that choice comes consequences. Imagine, for a moment, how the years 2001 to 2004 would have turned out if Al Gore had won the 2000 election. That election came down to Florida and approximately 500 votes. It was a very devisive election. The State of Florida probably wouldn't have changed the election outcome but if all of those 537 people in Florida had said my vote doesn't count so screw it -- the country and posssibly the world would be a very different place today. Voting is how the people can effectively change the landscape of the society they live in.

I am a member of a family with a long line of Liberals. Not sure how that happened. My Mom never voted nor did my sister. My brother only voted when someone he liked was the candidate. My step-father always voted also. We used to have some ummm discussions about voting. I also have those same discussion on Social Media. It saddens me the number of folks who don't believe the "idea" of America is worth fighting for. Progressives don't want Conservative minded folks to vote at all. They win.

Conservatives outnumber Liberals in America but because of faulty thinking that a particular vote doesn't matter Liberals get the upper hand. In 2008 I voted for McCain even though I consider him a Progressive Conservative. However, because he wasn't Conservative enough millions didn't bother to vote. The same BS happened in 2012 with Romney. With that kind of thinking it will be decades, if ever, that America returns to the Founder's idea for the great American Dream of Liberty and Freedom.

What I tell my kids and my family, meaning no disrespect, get off your dead ass and vote in all elections. America is to important to allow the Progressives to win. I don't want a world like Atlas Shrugged. I want all of the world to be Galt's Gulch.

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